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Microcontroller Projects

I enjoy experimenting with hardware, software and embedded system design. A few years ago, I built a controller for a 12KW diesel genset using the Basic Stamp II. A page describing that project may be found here. Later, I built a couple of projects using the BX-24 microcontroller. One project that is nearly complete is a controller for a machine tool called a dividing head. Another project is an Ethernet interface for the BX-24. Other projects and topics related to the BX-24 may be viewed here.

I also have been experimenting with the PIC and AVR controllers. Recently, I used an ATmega16 to build a Flash memory programmer. A page describing that project, complete with schematics and source code, can be view here.

After working with the Basic Stamp and BasicX microcontrollers for several years I designed an advanced stamp-format microcontroller for scientists, engineers, hobbyists and experimenters. You can read about these powerful new microcontrollers at the ZBasic website.

Machine Tool Projects

Another of my interests is metalworking - machining, welding, etc. I enjoy acquiring and rebuilding machines and also using them for various repair and rennovation projects as well as for fabricating new items. For example, the tools were used extensively in the Landcruiser project described below.

Toyota Landcruiser Project

Here's a page describing the process and showing the results of completely rebuilding a 1971 Toyota Landcruiser FJ40. This was a father/son project that has benefitted us both in many ways.

A useful resource for Landcruiser enthusiasts is the Landcruiser Mailing List and also Landcruiser Technical Links.

Items For Sale

I have some items of various descriptions available from time to time. Click the link above to go to a special page for more information.

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