Indexing/Dividing Head Controller

Position Adjustment Menu

The position adjustment menu allows the operator to position the spindle prior to commencing division or indexing operations. The position adjustment may be made by degrees or (stepper motor) steps.

The third item indicates the current state of the motor energization. The Setup menu (described elsewhere) allows it to be specified whether the stepper motor will be energized when the controller started up. After a division or indexing operation, the stepper will be left energized (although it may be optionally at a reduced voltage - see the setup screens). If this item is selected, it will toggle between Yes and No. This allows the operator to de-energize the motor thus allowing manual rotation of the stepper motor shaft for manual positioning.

The images below represent the "next" menu screen corresponding to each of the two items on the position adjustment menu. Click on them to see a larger version of the image together with commentary about the screen.