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Although metalworking shapers aren't used much in the industry anymore, I find them fascinating and useful machines. I currently have three different small shapers: an Atlas 7B which has been refurbished, a Brodhead-Garrett J-line 8" currently being rebuilt, and a South Bend 7" recently acquired. I would like to get a somewhat larger shaper such as a Sheldon 12", and example of which can be seen here. Shaper enthusiasts may find useful information at the Yahoo! Group Metal_Shapers.

Shaper Projects

Here are several shaper-related projects that I have completed: Cutting Internal Splines, Cutting Gears, A Shaper Toolholder.

Vernon #0 Horizontal Mill

I recently picked up a Vernon #0 horizontal mill which I have renovated including refitting it with an R-8 spindle.

Grizzly G1004 Vertical Mill

I have made some modifications to this mill. Click here for more details.

Other Projects

This section is for other shop-related projects:
5C collet closer

Machine Manuals and Other Information

Scans of manuals for several machines may be found here. Scans of brochures, parts list, operating instructions, etc. for the Ellis dividing head may be found here. I have built a controller for automated dividing and indexing using the Ellis dividing head. A page describing the project may be found here.

Project Ideas, etc.

Drawings for a bender similar to the Hossfeld #2 bender may be found here. Images for lathe projects from sources such as Popular Mechanics may be found here. Scans of a Popular Mechanics article on building a taper attachment for a lathe may be found here. Scans of a Popular Mechanics article describing a home-built set of index centers may be found here.


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