Bender Similar to the Hossfeld #2

The files available here comprise drawings for a steel/pipe/tubing bender similar to the Hossfeld #2 bender.The drawings were originally posted by Robert Grauman at Note: on my Hossfeld #2 bender the spacing of the 25/32" diameter holes on the main frame and swingingframe assemblies (sheets 2 and 3) is closer to 1-1/8".

bender_dxf.zipA .zip file containing all 38 .dxf files - about 250KB.
bender_jpg.zipA .zip file containing 38 individual image files - about 2.1MB.
bender_pdf.zipA .zip file containing 38 individual PDF files - about 400KB.
bender.pdfA single PDF file containing all 38 drawings - about 350KB.

The links below refer to the individual .jpg images (about 80KB each).

Sheet 01Bender AssemblySheet 02Main Frame Arms
Sheet 03Swinging Frame ArmsSheet 04Main Frame Feet
Sheet 05Center Pin, 3/4" and 7/8" EyeSheet 06Oscillating Block and Sleeve
Sheet 07Swinging Arm SpacerSheet 08U-pin with Lug, 19B4
Sheet 09Flat Head Pin, 17BSheet 10Yoke, 23B
Sheet 11Eye Pin, 18BSheet 12Eye Bold Bending Dog, 16B
Sheet 12aThumb Nut, 24BSheet 13Circle Assembly
Sheet 14Main Frame Arm SpacerSheet 15Sharp Square Bending Block, 26B
Sheet 16Hand Lever Sleeve SocketSheet 17Hand Lever
Sheet 18V-grooved Roller, 15B2Sheet 19Offset Flat Head Pin, 17B3
Sheet 20Center Pin, 1/2" and 5/8" EyeSheet 21Center Pin Support
Sheet 22U-pin SupportSheet 23Circle Rod, 27B9
Sheet 24StandSheet 25Bending Block
Sheet 26aCam Die 1-3/4", 7BSheet 26bCam Die 2", 8B
Sheet 26cCam Die 2-1/4", 8B2Sheet 27Sliding Gauge, 25B
Sheet 28Hand Lever PinSheet 29Gauge Extension, 25B1
Sheet 30Circle Gauge, 27BSheet 31V-grooved Roller, 15B2
Sheet 32Support Plug, 22BSheet 34Cam Dies
Sheet 33Rollers incl. 20B7Sheet 35Flat Face Radius Blocks