Don's Shop

Here are a few pictures of my shop which is about 18x45 partitioned into two areas. One end is about 18x12 and is separated from the main area by double doors. It serves as the woodworking area and has a radial arm saw, a table saw and some storage shelves. The primary work area contains the metalworking machines, work bench, etc. and has an overhead door to allow vehicles to be pulled in for service.

In the lower left corner you can see part of a 30x36 steel welding table. A Craftsman 200A AC welder sits below the table and a Millermatic 130XP MIG welder sits beside it. On the center left is a Colchester Mk1.5 lathe, a front view of which may be seen here. Just beyond the lathe is a small work table and a rollaway toolchest with tooling and accessories. The small workbench with the woodworking vise was originally built for my sons when they were youngsters but it serves now to hold tooling and a surface plate. Immediately to the right of the small workbench is a 3 ton arbor press.

There is an island of machines down the center of the shop: a Grizzly G1004 vertical mill at the far end, a Vernon #0 horizontal mill, a Brodhead-Garrett 8" shaper and an Atlas 7" shaper on a makeshift stand. A better view of the mills and the 8" shaper may be seen here and here.

This view of the opposite side shows storage cabinets on the far end, a Craftsman 17" drill press, a Jet 4x6 bandsaw, a larger workbench with storage below and another rollaway toolchest. At the far end of the bench is a Chinese bench grinder that has wire wheels mounted. A regular bench grinder (not visible) is mounted on the cabinet with drawers at the far end of the picture.

The "street sign" above the pegboard signifies that this shop was used to complete a frame-up rebuild of a 1971 Landcruiser. More information on that project may be seen here.

Not visible in these pictures are a 5HP rotary phase converter (which powers the lathe), a 20 gallon solvent tank, a small blast cabinet, an oxy acetylene outfit and a 5HP air compressor.