Scout Saginaw Power Steering

These pictures show a power steering box from a mid-70's IH Scout II fitted to a 1971 FJ40. Links to other web pages giving more detail on this process may be found here.

The first picture shows a view looking down at the top of the steering box. The engine in this Cruiser is a crate 350 ('79-85 style) with a standard GM power steering pump. A model of the required high-pressure hose is connected between the p/s box and the p/s pump. The model was made with 5/16" O.D. copper tubing and 5/16" I.D. polyethylene tubing. The second picture shows a side view of the model hose.

The u-joint on the p/s box is from Stock Car Products. The web page for the steering joints may be found here. This particular u-joint is 13/16"-36 spline on one end and 3/4" smooth bore on the other. The plan is to connect this u-joint to another u-joint using a collapsible steering shaft from a mid-70's GM pickup and then to a mid-70's LandCruiser steering shaft. (I'll add more pictures when this is completed.)

The third picture shows the custom hose made by Bob Magill at Magillís Quality Radiator in Tucson, AZ. (His website may be seen here.) This is a picture that Bob sent me for approval prior to crimping the connections. The copper and plastic pieces are the prototypes that I sent Bob to model the new hoses on. The hose installed perfectly.