SM420/LC Plate Adapter

This series of pictures shows an SM420 transmission mated to an FJ40 "3-speed" transfer case using a plate adapter from Warden's Auto Repair (web page here). The case of the SM420 needed to be modified to accommodate the front output flange. The resulting clearance is measured to be about 0.012". The flange still needs to have about 0.050" removed from the perimeter for better clearance.

Note that the transfer case is rotated downward about 6 degrees. This is more easily seen in the rear view.

Front view.
52.71 Kb
Rear view.
55.63 Kb
Left side.
86.26 Kb
Right side.
60.15 Kb
SM420 output shaft protruding through the tcase input seal.
78.84 Kb
Tcase input gear mounted on the SM420's output shaft.  The retaining bolt has not been installed.
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Front view showing case modification.
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Close up of case modification.
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Template showing the amount of material removed.
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